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wiper arms, which goes where ?

Started by Tomi, 16 September 2005, 02:47 AM


I have a question regarding the front window wipers. The wiper arms come with 2 different lengths, the wipers themselves are also in 2 different lengths. Which goes where ?
I know that when you place the longer arm together with the longer wiper in the place closer to the driver, it is too long and it touches the upper chrome.
So at present I have the shorter wiper attached to the longer arm at the drivers side and it works. But there is another option if the arms are exchanged. How is it originally ?
I know you guys down there drive on the right side, but I guess it would be just symmetrical and your wiper attachment positions would be slightly displaced to the left, ours is to the right (with the wiper rest position to the left of the driver, ours is to the right).


Hi Tomi,
As far as I know, LHD or RHD;

the drivers side or top wiper has:
    shorter arm longer wiper,

passenger side or bottom wiper has:
    longer arm shorter wiper.

That's how mine's set up. Made a note of it first time I took them off.  Assuming it's the original setup I haven't had any problems apart from they never return to the original static position close to the sill without some encouragement.  It seems a common trait as I've seen plenty of pics of other 116's with the wipers almost obscuring the front passenger's view.

Any thought's on this little problem would be appreciated. Cheers.
1973 350SE, my first & fave