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Windshield Wipers very slow. Now inoperative.

Started by OLDGOLD, 16 March 2022, 04:28 PM


Hello I recently went through some charging issues as my alternator was going out and I didn't figure it out for a while. Whenever my charging issues started I noticed that my wiper blades started going really slow and eventually stopped working. I could activate the wiper and manually pull them the rest of the way across the windshield and push them back into place. Even with a new battery and rebuilt alternator, they still don't work. The strange thing is that when I turn my ignition on I can hear them move a tiny bit as if they're getting power. I want to add that my washers due work, and it's just the arms that don't. Please help! Thank you!

PS I installed a 950CCA BMW Battery as I worked at a BMW dealership at the time. The starting power increase is enormous!


If the motor wasn't getting the correct voltage, the amps to run it would go very high, and the windings in the motor may have been overheated and now it's done (needs replacing).
You should also check that the wiper mechanism (between the motor and the arms) isn't part-seized - particularly check for corrosion in the bushings/spindles that the arms bolt on to - if they are very stiff, the extra load on the motor will cause overheating, with a similar result to the low-voltage scenario.

Summary: source a good used motor from a wrecking yard or similar, but make sure your mechanism isn't going to kill the replacement motor.
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