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Window Run Channel Seals

Started by Rob Smith, 01 January 2024, 10:09 PM

Rob Smith

Hi all,
I am replacing both front door window regulators on my 73' 450se. I want to replace the window run channel rubber seals as well while I have the regulators out. I've looked on YouTube but found zero how to do this. Does anyone have any websites or advice how to best do this.


Rob Smith


There is no tutorial.   Youtube is not a "go to" for repair on vintage Mercedes cars.  You either have to know how to repair the issue or rely on people that know how to.  As this is a very simple task to perform,  You first need (to buy the window run channels, Mercedes part number 116-725-01-25 (Front) and A 116-735-02-25) rear.   Then you have to find someone that knows how to install them.....unless you can you can install them yourself then you're at then mercy of whoever is local to you. W116 cars are the "dark ages" of Mercedes, and very few will know how to work on them.  Best of luck! 
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Rob Smith