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Why for a Mecedes Benz maintenance is not just a cost.

Started by Ferryman, 12 April 2004, 08:49 AM


Thought I'd get the ball rolling here.

Proper maintenance of your Mercedes Benz will not just allow you to drive a reliable car but one that may appreciate in value.

If you are new to Classic Mercedes Benz ownership you may not be aware of the intangible properties that "Providence" has on your car.

Providence as related to Mercedes Benzs is the documented history of that car. Who owned it, how they looked after it, what maintenance/repairs have been done. The more substantial documentation is available for a car the better resale value is attained.

Case in point is my Brunhilda, poor girl has been sadly neglected by the previous owners and they lost all if any documentation they had on the car save registration papers. Hence I was able to pick her up rather cheaply (A$300.00). My task now has been aside from the restoration work, to reestablish her "Providence".

If Brunhilda had all her paperwork including handbooks logbooks et al, then her asking price would have been justifiably more despite her current condition.

More importantly a good maintenance regimen will prevent expensive repairs. W116's both 6 and V8's are known to clock up significant milages with regular oil/filter changes. A car with the right documentation will sell for a higher price despite its milage, though most people get a bit wary over 300,000km.

Its tempting to run oil changes out to 20,000km with the new oils that are available. However Australia is considered an "Extreme" operation environment by most car manufacturers engineers. Though this apparently isn't known by the marketing departments of the same companies. There has been a spate of late model cars destroying their main and big end bearings at the 80/100,000km mark due largely to the "extended" oil change intervals. :shock:

Oil and filters are still cheap, Penrite oil at $30 for 5 litres is much easier to deal with than an engine rebuild starting at $6000.00.

Protect your providence, and it will protect your investment. Ignore it and it will cost you.

Here's scary thought, how safe do you feel in your car driving in traffic; knowing that the average driver around you, does maintenance on their car only when it don't go no more?


In general one would have to agree: but only if the correct English is used.  let me explain:-

Providence ? destiny

Provenance - origin

So I am sure that you really mean to use that word which describes the car's history [as in where it came from and prior ownership etc] and not where you intend to deliver it [being its destiny or future].



I gather that my 'new' 280 SE (with 23K miles)  has both...?