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Who makes this climate servo?

Started by UOnlyLiveOnce, 08 September 2022, 09:00 PM


Apparently my 1980 450 SEL had it's climate servo replaced with an electronic servo. I'm trying to figure out who made this and if there's any documentation.  I was told by my mechanic that the fuse needed to be replaced awhile back, and it might need to be replaced again.  Hoping to figure out how to replace the fuse without taking it to the mechanic.  Thanks!


78 W116 300SD 'Desert Rose' new as of 01/26/2014
79 W116 300SD 'Stormcloud' RIP 04/11/2022


Confirmed it's an early version of the Unlimited Tools kit. Thanks!


Could you share what fuse you had to replace?

Mine looks exactly like this and can't find the documentation. I'm having trouble getting the center flap to close, even though the pod and lines hold vacuum.