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Which rust converter product is the most effective?

Started by Marc23, 30 May 2023, 07:18 AM


Hello Everyone,
I am in search of the best rust inhibitor product to effectively treat my metal objects. Having used the product rust converter (, I am wondering if there are other options that are more effective.

Therefore, I am reaching out to you today to gather your recommendations. What are the most effective rust inhibitor products you have used? Which ones would you recommend in terms of rust prevention and treatment?

Your experiences and advice will be highly valuable to me. Thank you in advance for your contributions!

Best regards,

Jan S

I have used Miracle Paint on several occasions on my car. Very strong stuff, you need to use a protective mask.

This stuff is also recommended by MercedesSource. Kent has a few videos on how to stop and seal rust with Miracle Paint:

Here's one of the videos:

This is what I use, whenever possible.
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It might depend on what kind of parts you are treating. 

There are many good rust converters that do the same thing, turn soft red rust into hard black. If you use any of these dont wire brush too much old rust off, you have to leave enough for the chemicals to work on.   With this product can then be bondo'd over or painted.   POR15 or Miracle Paint cant be painted over unless you sand it first. Regular POR15 must be painted, but I think they make a final finish version.

For smaller parts  evap-o-rust will clean all rust off down to bare metal and is very non-harsh chemical. Just submerge in liquid for a day or two and it comes out clean.

Reverse electrolysis also removes all rust.

Sealing the rust is second to media blasting or the other rust removal methods that remove all traces of rust.

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I have a completely rusted out 190SL that I have stopped any further rust progression just using the spray can Rustoleum rust converter type products.
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