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Which battery?

Started by Nabstud, 16 March 2022, 01:35 AM


Do I need a DIN85LMF in my 280s or veil a DIN65LMF suffice? Will save me $90+ if it will. Here in Australia no real cold starts, maybe 5-10C if I even use it in winter.
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Thats an big price difference , i think that a fullsize battery that fills up the entire battery tray is not necessary , i think a slightly smaller battery like the Varta E11 or the cross reference equivalent of this battery would be sufficient


Dunno man, for me more is more when it comes to CCA ;D  ;D  ;D
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You are correct! But this time my wallet told me "save some cash for petrol..."

Research tells me others have used the DIN65L for years with no issue on their M117s so I bought it.

Thanks all for your thoughts 👍
1975 280S - Australian delivered


The technical data in the owner's manual suggests 12V/55 Ah for 280 S and SE
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My battery fills the whole tray.  It makes me feel very powerful.
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I use the din65l in my 83 280 s123, my '78 w123 300d and my '75 w116 450 sel and never had a problem in South Oz summer or winter.
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Quote from: daantjie on 16 March 2022, 07:27 AMDunno man, for me more is more when it comes to CCA ;D  ;D  ;D
I get it ... I used to buy cheap batteries when I was broke. But I really think cheap batteries are a false economy. These days I go nice AGM (Bosch S6, that sort of thing), and I think I actually spend less on batteries because these last much longer. They perform better, tolerate sitting, you can hang out in the car with an accessory or two on for an hour and never worry about restarting the engine. And they don't puke and corrode our classic cars...
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