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Which 6.9 Parts are good to have as spares?

Started by Autobahnfahrer, 09 December 2005, 12:26 PM


At my last visit to the boneyard, there was unfortunately a '76 6.9 sitting amongst the mix. Since I own a '79 6.9 which I don't ever plan on selling, what parts should I "pillage" from the carcass at the junkyard to keep as extras for the future. Are there some components in particular which are extremely costly or near impossible to replace?


G'day, Autobahnfahrer   :)

Can't answer your query, but I like your screen name.

Reminds me of my favourite electronica band of the 70s / 80s - Kraftwerk.

The first line of perhaps their best known song, Autobahn, is "Wir fahr'n fahr'n fahr'n auf der Autobahn"; on the front of the album jacket the band members are in a Heckflosse (W111) Benz, streaking down the Autobahn with a VW Beetle in the background.

Their web site is at

Fahren Sie schnell auf die Autobahnen? I guess that what 6.9ers are for.   :)
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Aber Naturlich! I'm surprised you got the premise of my screen name. "Kraftwerk" is one of my favorite bands as well.  8)


after saying to myself "anything not nailed down", I think the answer comes in two parts:

Part I:
- Transmission, fuel injection & ignition systems (or whole engine), drive shaft, hydraulic system and dash wood.

Part II:
- Have you visited lately?  As an m100 owner, you'll find the site quite useful, not to mention a good place to get more specifics than what I could think of.



Hi fellows

What is the second use of high powered A4 bulbs ?
The first is obviously lighting. The second is ... daytime signaling on the autobahn.

Say I am driving a leisurely 180 kph on the center lane of a 3 lane autobahn and press on to get to 200 on the left lane (I once did this in my 350SE near Dusseldorf).

Some guy comes up in a Porsche 996 and blinks the lights to ask for the lane where I am driving as he is going at 260 already (autobahn etiquette).

The real problem is that between the time you SEE the blink and the moment the car is upon you, there is very little time - so the better the bulbs, the earlier you can signal for the slow-poke to move-over !


Paris, France

john skene

If you cannot buy the whole car and put it aside as a future spares store, grab the water pump if it's any good, this is very expensive to replace and not many people can refurbish them properly. Also the suspension air cells only really last a few years before they loose their "soft" ride fee. If the fuel distributor is still there that's another worthwhile addition to your spares. It?s rarely needed, but expensive if you do need a replacement. The limited slip diff is another worthwhile addition to your spares.