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Where are my CATS?

Started by nostat, 11 November 2015, 09:50 PM


   One is by my feet the other I dont know. Now to the ones on the Benz. I know what conventional ones look like but what about on a 74 450SEL with CAL emmisions? I dont see anything on the pipes that look like a cat but the exhaust manifolds are different. IE: they are not smooth but have 4 rings between the first and second pipe and then again between the third and forth. Are these the cats and do I need different manifolds to get rid of them? Is there anything else I can do to disable them?


If your 1974 California version has CATS, they'll be directly under the exhaust manifolds.....basically between the manifolds and the motor mounts.  I hope you don't have them, as they are notorious for melting motor mounts.  And yes, if you remove them, you'll have to find other manifolds since the CATS bolt to the manifolds.  The little littel "rings" you are referring to are nothing more than and flexible connection between the parts of the manifolds to deter warping of the manifolds.  They are also rather handy when one might have to remove the can sometimes remove the manifolds in pieces because of these flexible and removable connections.  Though, by now most of them will likely break due to age and internal erosion.  They're not cheap, either.  So be cautious.   If you don't see any CATS, then you have none.  Being a 1974, I doubt that you have any.  In the U.S., CATS started showing up sometime in 1975 if I recall correctly. 
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