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Gents, would 16x9 inch rims (this set of AMG Felgens on Ebay are two  16x8 and two 16 x 9inch) be too wide for a W116 chassis?

Those wheels should fit but would depend on the offsets. 225 in front and 245 in rear will fit our W116. Have a close read of my older posts where I discussed my search for similar wheels with the sizes (posting from an internet cafe overseas so I have limited time ;).

On the issues of tramlining, wider tyres will always tramline more than narrow tyres but that is a price you will pay for better grip. Also, note that tramlining is not caused by a wider wheel but wider tyre. 225 wide tyres will fit on the 8" wide rims as well as on my 7.5" rims.

When looking at these wheels, just remember that they will perform better when driving on the highway rather than the city where the original wheels will absorb the pot holes better. As I have my car for highway driving, the decision of the lower profile, wider wheels was easy.


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