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What would cause this air blowing force issue...

Started by andy77, 31 January 2010, 03:28 PM


So I have had my US Version 6.9 for about 3 months.  

I noticed the other day that when the AC Compressor switch is off and the Auto Low switch is pressed the fan force has decreased

I used to be able to drive the car around without the AC Compressor switch on and Auto Low switch pressed and I always felt a good amount of air coming out the main and side vents...but now its so bad I have to the use the Auto Low Hi

Switching ON the AC compressor and the fan force is stronger and just fine however, but with gasoline so $$$ and the pull on the engine I try not to use that.

Any suggestions on what could have failed or needs cleaned?

Flap not opening all the way?
Airbox dirt REALLY bad now?