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What have you done for your W116 today?

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Finally got the 300SD back from the mechanic, new rear wheel bearings and a refurb. power steering gearbox.  The steering is tight now, no more slop.  A little too tight in my opinion, but I won't complain.  It beats the 6" of play prior to the swap.  The clunking (that I was told was the bearings) from the rear is still present (in sharper turns/body roll)... like a metal on metal rubbing "clank".    :-\

My new Tach Amp finally came in and my RPM gauge works great now.   :D  The right side illumination also came to life when I hit a large bump last night, so that's a plus too.  I'm still thinking I need a new Hazard switch or Combo Switch (turn signal/beams) as when I activate the high beams my turn signal lamps come on on the cluster and the gauges illumination dims and flickers.  When I turn on either signal, the clust illumination also blinks.

I pulled the ACC panel out to take a peek inside, but soon felt overwhelmed and just put it all back together.  I'm searching for this infamous green line that activates that blower via switch. Not sure where it is if someone is familiar.  I don't think my blower is operating, but I do hear servos whir to life when I activate different buttons on the panel.

Aside from the citation I received on my joy ride/road trip, I feel confident the car is starting to come back to life after years of storage.   Next up I need to replace engine strut/torque struts and the mounts and then definitely a valve job.  After that, it's all the bs stuff like vacuum locks and ACC.


In the last week:

1) Wash, wax and wax again.

2) Scrub, clean, pressure wash and degrease wheel wells in prep for POR-15 coating + hard nose enamel (black). They had a old undercoating which was coming off.

3) Same as above for underside of hood.

4) Clean fuel level sender.

Where to start...  Been mostly working out the ACC.  It was low on the list but it started interfering with engine shut off  :-\

I think it is going to be OK.  Now if it remains reliable...

I actually think my entire vacuum system is functioning pretty close to perfect  :D

The power lock system blew my mind  ;D  I had no idea it locked the fuel lid and trunk the way it does. Spooky quiet too  8)

 I haven't really done anything with the ALDA and lines that go to the transmission. (I'm guessing it's the modulator?)  It seems to shift OK for now but I plan on going through the transmission checklist. Engine performance seems OK as well.

Hello I have a 1980 300SD- could you explain a bit more on this noise you have?

Thank you.

" The clunking (that I was told was the bearings) from the rear is still present (in sharper turns/body roll)... like a metal on metal rubbing "clank".   

It seems that when a rear wheel needs to travel up or down (cornering or a bump), there is a metal on metal sound.  It's as if one piece of metal is turning whilst striking/rubbing another metal part.  

It's a hard noise to explain.  Definitely has the resonance of a moving part though.  As if something metal were rubbing against the wheel/rim, during the cars biased squat in a corner, or going over an uneven surface that raises the wheel.

I will try to peek under there this afternoon.  It's too bloody hot right now to accomplish anything.


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