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What have you done for your W116 today?

Started by BWalker82, 18 May 2011, 06:27 PM


Confirmed! I just found the original import paperwork from 1978 and it's indeed listed as tiefgrün.
Great ! 
This is a sonderlackierung (special color) and an cool rare color to have on the W116


Almost 2 years ago my car stopped running on LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) , it´s not an big issue for driving becouse i always drive it on petrol ,i only drive it on lpg once every two years for the APK test/inspection becouse on the registration of my 350SE the main fuel is LPG so it has to run on LPG for the APK and only the main fuel gets an CO test ,the APK is similar like the MOT or TUV test/inspection , but i think the TUV or MOT are much tougher to pass than the APK that we have overhere .
it turned out that the LPG shut off valve stayed closed , i replaced it with an new one and now it runs fine again on lpg , so another job done that was for quite some time on my to do list