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Water Pump 6.9

Started by BCK1963, 26 September 2022, 01:20 AM


Hi guys,

what is particularly complicated about revising the 6.9 water pump?
I am not a professional mechanic but as far as I know revising common water pumps is not rocket science. For 6.9 pumps the retail price is always the topic when potential failures are discussed but the possibility of revising them is rarely mentioned.

    thx'n'regards   Bernd

1976 Merc 6.9   Magnetit blue


You will find if you ever try it, that a degree of revision is indeed required. The bearing cannister is no longer avail and so one must modify the shaft to accommodate a reversion to old style bearings.
I suspect that those in the trade who do them up, makes this modification and remains silent about the need to do it?