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Views on this 280se ?


Hello All

I am contemplating buying this car.

Also featured here

I am uk based and a complete novice to classic cars. I am no mechanic. Nor am I wealthy. I have, however, always loved the w116.

I have been casually looking for w116s over the last couple of years and this one seems decent (not great) and one of the few that has come up which is affordable.

The arches (and presumably sills too) need work. It may be that other work is needed too.

I was just wondering if any of you might 1) know what a ballpark cost for replacing the arches / sills might be (probably more a uk specific question); and 2) be able to pass on any thoughts you have on the car generally from the limited info provided in the links  ?

All thoughts gratefully received.


Walk away.

A few people in the MB Club UK have seen that car, and it's a rust bucket.

Thank you very much. I had my suspicions.

Run away!

Take flight!!


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