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Valves, non-hydraulic lifters

Started by minger, 13 July 2005, 09:52 AM


Chock full of questions since I found this wonderful site.
Question about a 450 with a gasoline V-8.  I see that I have non-hydraulic lifters on this engine (correct me if I am wrong) and you can see the air cooled VW owner in me but on the VW, it is important to check and set valve clearance as part of the regular maintenance routine.  Do I need to set the valves on the Benz regularly?  It does not have any noticeable ticking but then again, I don?t want to burn and drop a valve from being too tight either. If so, what interval is suggested?  
Thanks as always.


Thank you.  One less "repair" to worry about.  Gives me more time to start converting the engine to air cooled.  Just kidding but those coolant hoses sure get in the way.  Glad I found this forum.  Certainly a friendly group.  And I have many more questions.  There is always something but if I wanted a car that didn't have to be worked on, should have gotten a new one.
Have a great night/morning depending on your location in the world.