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Valve Stem Seals Part Number for 6.9 Engine

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Two quick questions to those that have rebuilt the head of their 6.9 engines:

1. Are the Valve Stem seals unique to the 6.9s M100 engine or are they generic to different MB V8 engines? 
2. Would anybody have the part number for the Valve Stem seals of the 6.9 engine?

As always,  thank you for the assistance.

Best regards,

Yes this is easy, they come in a kit per bank, so you need 2x kits per engine, part number 115 050 00 67

is this definitely the right number?
coincidentally I was speaking to my old German mechanic about this very thing a few weeks ago and he noted they were unique to the 6.9 (im pretty sure he said 6.9 and not just the v8s of that time)
but the number you note is a 115? I dont know the number but interested to know now.

Dear Daniel,

Once again, thank you very much for the assistance:  I greatly appreciate it!!

Based on the part number, these Valve Stem seals appear to serve on several MB models.
Is my understanding correct?

Best regards,

Yes you will see here, down below there is a list and it specifically mentions the 116.036 6.9:


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