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v8 conversion

Started by aus280, 13 August 2007, 09:04 PM


ok lads was just curious as ive seen it with the w123's who here has done say a 350 chev conversion or a ford 351 conversion? theoreticly shouldnt be all difficult since they are carby so less wirig!


Blasphemy X infinity IMHO


Castlemaine Rod Shop have several mounting kits for a V8 conversion into a Mercedes W116...

EM42 - Chev V8 into Mercedes
EM43 - Holden V8 into Mercedes
EM44 - Ford V8 into Mercedes
EM46 - Ford I6 into Mercedes

Although the info on them is hard to find on their website, they also make sumps, transmission adaptors etc to suit each conversion. If you are cluey fellow then its not too hard to make your own mounts... I did it  ;D and thats saying something!

I don't think there are any people on this forum who have done the conversion (speak up now if you have!)


Hi Mercules

Glad to see you did a chev V8 conversion on your W116

I would like to do the same

was it a carburetter engine  or F I  ?

how does she run ?

BC Canada


Sorry - mine is a 4.0 litre Ford SOHC 6 cylinder!

I don't think this engine is available in BC... but I'm sure you can pick up a Chev or Ford V8 locally - the Castlemaine Rod Shop metioned in my previous would happily freight their kit to you.


Tnaks I'll drop them a line.

What was the attraction of the Ford straigh 6 ?  ease of fit ?


Check this thread - its quite a read, but well worth it:

The choice of i6 Ford engine seems to be because it was available as the donor car had been written off, but the hidden plus is these engines take very well to turboing.

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Could not have siad it better myself! Thanks 13B!



OK Fellers you've got me all enthused right now.

I'm looking into a GM LM7 Gen 3 engine 5.3 L

I have my own company (run out of my basement) that does small engineering projects.

If I go ahead with the swap do you think I could market a kit. Engine mounts wiring harness etc ?

Who would buy one ?

The Aussie company makes mounts for the old 1st gen V8 small block

I was looking at the Chrysler engines 5.2 L to keep it in the family but so many reliability problem. It seem the GM V8 and tranny seem to be  the favorite for swappers.


Hi chopper,

Don't know if anyone posted this before but there's something similar on Oz ebay at the moment.  It's not yours is it?

Personally, I wouldn't swap.  It's an originality thing for me above performance and economy and all my spare pennies go towards that aspect of preserving,  but like many I'm following Mercules conversion and any other with great interest.  Also like many others, I'd kinda like another w116 tucked away with a modern V8/trans combo for the hell of it.
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I know it's 14years ago but did this conversion get finished?
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