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URGENT - need help with high-pressure power steering hose

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Jan S:
This year's 3-week summer road trip with the W116 in danger  :o

A few days ago I noticed a leak in the high pressure power steering hose.

A workshop in the area suggested to put in a new rubber hose and mount it to the 10 mm and 8 mm pipes at each end (where the old hose was attached, but with new hydraulic adapters/connectors between pipes and hose). Sounded as a good idea. However, by pure mistake the mechanic cut the 10 mm pipe at the power steering pump inlet at the wrong spot. Ggrrrrrrr!

Now I'm in dire need of the hard line (part of the hose) at servo steering pump end. I don't need the rubber hose and the hard line at the steering box.

If you have this part around and would be willing to sell it I would ask UPS to pick it up.

Get the local Pirtech or equiv mobile hyd hose repair service to visit you.

Jan S:
I found the hose on ebay, and the seller in Germany have shipped it with 24 hours over-night delivery service. Fingers crossed the part fits my car  :)

Jan S:
The hose fits, but leaks  >:(

The problem is the mounting surface between power steering pump (convex surface) and the high pressure hose (concave surface).

Both the pump and the hose surfaces have some scoring. When fit together it will not seal properly ..... probably.

How to fix this?

Any experience with sanding/polishing both surfaces? What tools to use?

Can this part of the pump be "reconditioned"?

Use a copper aviation conical crush washer to seal the union.


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