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URGENT - need help with high-pressure power steering hose

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--- Quote from: Alec300SD on 15 July 2021, 05:06 PM ---Use a copper aviation conical crush washer to seal the union.

--- End quote ---
And tighten in one motion without stopping or reversing.  Cu washers can be used just once.  Otherwise heat it to glowing with a torch and quench in water (annealing?).  Can you post a picture of the problem?

Jan S:
Thanks to both of you for advice!

I will try to get some "copper aviation conical crush washers" when I'm back after the summer vacation (the summer road trip went down the drain  :( )

Alec300SD: How does a washer like the one you mentioned look like? Can you send a link to a picture?


You can also make them from flat washers.

Jan S:

I included two pics. The first from the convex connection at the steering pump (outer thread is M16), the second from the hose/pipe flaring (the pipe is 10mm at base).

I'm a bit confused with the size of the washer. The Amazon-link says 1/2'' Tube OD .... OD probably stands for outer diameter. Do they mean the outer diameter of the washer? Will that washer fit the connection?

What do you think, Alec300SD?

The photo link was just to show what a conical washer looks like.

The half inch (outer diameter) conical washer probably won't fit as one half inch equals 12.7mm.
A 3/8 inch  conical washer (equal to 9.525mm) is probably the best choice if you can't get a metric washer.


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