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Turbo rebuild on om617?

Started by Engineerd3d, 30 December 2021, 01:43 PM


So as I round down my year. After 2500miles or so and a bunch of gaskets and hoses that got replaced on the old 300sd. I realize my turbocharger has some shaft play. I know they make turbo rebuild kits from very cheap to reasonable cost. However I have not seen any rebuild kits that include a ball bearing upgrade. Is this even possible on these older turbos? Supposedly you get better turbo response as it should spool up faster. Not looking to hotrod the engine. Looking to replace what's worn and make it perform better within it's limits.

Anyone have any thoughts or experience with this?


Uncle Kent has a few rebuilt kits. Rather pricey, but it is a full DIY.

Honestly I'd be tempted just to ship it off to a truck shop that rebuilds Cummins turbos and let them do their magic.
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I may just ping a diesel shop and get a quote on the center rebuild.


I have a 1980 300SD myself and was driving home from a machine shop late one night after making some cuts on an impeller puller for my '79 6.9. Whatever Washington state drug addict worked on the car before it ended up in my hands did quite a few things like not tightening the pinch nuts on the wheel bearings, leaving hose clamps loose, and so forth. Long story short, one of the oil cooler hoses came loose, and all the oil either went under or to the side of the car. The engine had seized before I noticed. I took the car up to Knoxville before I purchased it, and our in-house expert looked at a few things and hinted that it was likely at least a 300k+ mile car. The odometer was a little over 100k at the time. Going by the blow-by, I would say that he was likely right and that the motor probably only had another 100k miles left in it. The OM617 turbo rebuild is definitely on my list, so keep us informed what you end up doing.

I started the 6.9 tonight after two years of it sitting on sugary gas, and the crank probably moved 90 degrees before it took full ignition. Unheard of even in today's vehicles. I'm still working on machining an impeller for the water pump out of 4140, but I'm going to take a shortcut and do it with three axes, a lot of time, and abrasives. It's a coin toss as to whether the W116 or W126 is up and running first. I'm doing some work on a DC5, but I expect that all to be done a lot sooner. The part about using whatever is in your hand at the time for leverage to lift the oil pan off the subframe to re-mount the motor is actually kind of nice. Gotta compete with the wily Japanese...
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My engine literally has no cap dance at all and after replacing ancient fuel filters and cleaning out my fuel tank. The engine runs like a top. Starts in 25f weather if I try to do it.

The only issue is the turbocharger has some play and I do not think it's getting all the boost it needs. She rolls coal a bit if I lay on it. I am going to install a boost gauge to see what we have first and I figure around spring time I will rebuild the turbo myself. Seems like people are having great luck doing this themselves. The only kicker I have here is that I passed on a rebuilt turbo for 150$ 6 months ago.

And no the Alda screw has not been tampered with.


I think you can get a new unit from BENZFORCE.COM for $525