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Trunk seal

Started by Denis, 16 November 2005, 05:20 AM


Hello gentlemen

I have an annoying leak into my boot (trunk). Some water collects on both sides of the lid (not much but definitely a problem).
I do not think that the (classic)back window sill corrosion is the issue (I see no corrosion anywhere inteh area).
So the rubber seal may be the problem, especially that the current one does not fit well: It seems that the existing seal was refitted after painting by the PO and that during fitment, it was badly positioned.

Since I have a used but perfect other seal, can anyone advise me as to how it should be fitted ?

Merci les amis

Denis (350SE sleeping in garage today)


I also suspect the rear light seals, it is much more likely that these leak. I had this problem. Had to go inside the trunk with a flashlight will someone else was spraying water.


OK you aussie Foster drinker ! I am NO gentleman either (I was just faking it!);-)

Thanks for the detailed reply styria. As for next August, you did get our national holiday month right but Switzerland is "zu teur". Ever consider coming to Paris ? I always wanted to take a few W116 pictures in front and around of Versailles castle and the Eiffel tower.
I am more involved in this group for a few reasons :
- the W116 is an "unloved" car even though it was the first really modern large postwar model. That 108 has kingpins like an old MGB !
- there is ample evidence that the M116/M117 cast iron block designs are perhaps the best Mercedes engine since the W116 appeared
- I can afford THESE cars !!!

My old 6.3 was driving me to the poorhouse !


Denis aus Paris


Hi Tomi

Thanks for the tip. At 32 years of age, anything is possible :-)


Denis (cool day in Paris)