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Transmission swap
« on: 25 June 2009, 06:41 PM »
No urgent need here, just daydreaming a lot since work has been slow.  Like most Euro cars of the era, our car's engines spin a lot on the highway.  Here in the western US we can easily spend hours on end at 90+ mph, which is about 4,500 rpm in our 450 SEL.  Certainly there is no real problem with that, but it would be quieter and more fuel efficient to reduce the engine speed at cruise.  Has anyone come up with a practical solution?  The 722.6 five speed overdrive is easy to get a stand-alone controller for since the Chrysler hemi is so popular for engine swaps with rodders.  I don't suppose Daimler would have been so parsimonious as to have maintained the same bolt pattern all these years?