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Tips on replacing door rubbers please?

Started by BCDC, 31 October 2021, 04:07 PM


Hi There, I'm about to get motivated to replace the door rubbers that have been sitting in the boot of the car for six months. Enough putting off this job. Do the brains trust here have any tips in doing this job properly? Any advice welcome, thank you.

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Make sure you surgically clean the channels where the rubber will sit.  Also use this opportunity to check the bottoms of the doors for rust, and that the drain holes run clear.
Also I used some silicone grease to ease the rubber into the channels.  Don't use petroleum based grease like Vaseline on rubber parts.  I find a little dab of the right grease (I like Permatex Dialectric Grease) makes any rubber related install a lot easier.  Those would be my main tips.  I am sure others will chime in as well.
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I put the gaskets in a bucket and copiously spayed them with ArmorAll and smeared it all over them.  Then repeated a few times so it could saturate.  Everything slipped into place very easily.  I didn't try to use any glue and it still worked fine.  Seals are also nicely lubed and work well. Get new clips from ebay.  Cheap and available.

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