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Tightening torque thermostat housing 6.9


Jan S:
Engine M100.985 6.9

Anyone have information on the tightening torque of:

- the four M6 bolts on the thermostat cover-to-housing?
- the two M12 bolts on the thermostat housing-to-water pump?

Steel bolts and aluminum alloy threads.

Any tips would be welcomed.

     You may find info in the Forum Library.   I have the M117 service manual .  ::)


A good general guide.

Jan S:
Thanks, TNNBenz, I found the tightening torque for the two M12 bolts, with 8.8 grade If I remember correctly = 23 Nm ("Thermostat housing to coolant pump bearing housing") - on page 158 in the "Manual_100-985_Mechanical_04_82.pdf".

Thanks, rumb, great table in general. However, it seems that the torques in the table you forwarded are too high compared to the workshop manual, probably due to the soft aluminum threads?

I couldn't find the torque for the four M6 bolts. Probably around 10 Nm?


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