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throttle linkage ball joint ball

Started by BCK1963, 25 June 2023, 04:09 PM



in one place the throttle linkage system comprises a plastic ball, diameter appr. 1 cm, which fell apart on my car already two times. This makes driving a bit complicated, as, in my case the accelerator pedal fell down and I was only able to get to slightly elevated idle which made it possible to pull to the next gas station, not more.
Unfortunately the parts catalogue drawings don't seem to feature that particular ball and also the MB dealer is unable to identify it.
The plastic ball is located behind the gold zinc  plated  cup type of piece in the center of the pic..
Can anybody help me with the part number?

   Thanks in advance   Bernd

1976 Merc 6.9   Magnetit blue


That part is called the "throttle rod bushing".  Part number is 126 300 00 85.  You will see that at the firewall you also have this cup setup so you have 2x, one on each end of this rod.
Also check to see the inner bearing/bushing which sits inside the ball.  I think if you order this part it cones with that inner bushing as well.
1977 450 SEL 6.9 - Astralsilber


Thanks Daniel.
I just want to keep a set in reserve as it is a real hazzle when it fails. Didn't know that there is another one at the firewall. That never caused problems. So I will order two.
As far as I remember my last order a couple of years ago you are right: The balls come with the bushings.


1976 Merc 6.9   Magnetit blue