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Tach in the PRNDL spot

Started by 1980sdga, 15 May 2012, 07:16 PM


that black styrofoam block really bugs me  :o I have a working tach in one of my cars but the other one is kaput. I was thinking about replacing it with one of the big clocks but I think an S class really deserves a tachometer.

I've been working on this:

9 LED's will fit in that spot so I'm working up a tach to go there. Not really as useful as an analog tach but I'm hoping it'll fit in with the cars "vibe".

Squiggle Dog

Cool. I've been thinking of installing a thermometer in that location.
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I think 126's have a thermometer there.


I smoothed things out a bit. It sort of works with an IR emitter/receiver but I think I'm going with a hall effect sensor. Maybe use the crank sensor if it's working?



That is an interesting project!  Wish I was more of a buff when it comes to electronics, but sadly I'm not.  Will be nice to see when all is installed and running.  I often wonder what our car would have been like had they had some of today's technology - a working cruise control for one! and a galvanised body for another.

And Squiggle, here is a picture of Bolbol's 190E outside temperature gauge installed in the window, if you do a search you should find his 'write-up'. (He said the 124 or 126 gauges are too big to fit, hence the one from the 190E, but it too has to be cut down to fit.)

Keep us posted.


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I'm actually making some progress:

Got most of the hardware and programming worked out, finally!  The tiny black thing above the resistor is a Hall Effect sensor which I think is used on our original tachs.  Kind of cheezy, but I was thinking about just epoxying a little magnet to the PS pump pulley and mounting the sensor near it. It wouldn't be as accurate as a crank mounted sensor but an LED tach is more for looks anyway.

This way I could mount a big clock in the tach spot and still have some sort of RPM reference.

Thanks for the pic Gavin!  I may put a thermometer in that spot and incorporate the LED tach into the speedo some way. Maybe mount the LED's in a circular pattern around the speedo dial?  Too garish you think?

Any other ideas on mounting the tach LED's?

I already have 2 LED's mounted here:

And I don't think they look too out of place.