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Suspension Control Upgrades

Started by Mattr, 23 July 2022, 11:33 AM


'68 250S
'77 6.9 Euro
'91 300SE,
'98 SL500
'14 CLS550,
'21 E450 Cabrio


Maybe time to start from scratch.  Try this:
1. Loosen cable on the valve mechanism on the control valve on the oil reservoir. Now make sure that the control disk is fully clockwise and against the stop.  This is normal ride height position.
2. Push knob in all the way and retighten cable.  Start car and see what height is.
3. If it isn't in spec per rumb's excellent diagrams then adjust front and rear valves accordingly.  This is described elsewhere, try a search for ride height. For god's sake, don't get under the car to mess with the rear valve unless the car is supported.
4. Note that each valve has a small connecting rod.  The ends of the rods are notorious for falling apart, in which case nothing will work right.  New rods are available and not very expensive.  Even if yours seem OK it's probably a good idea to replace them, cause sooner or later the ends will disintegrate.

Finally, I'm pretty convinced that the control cable box is shot.  If so you may be able to get the car set up right but without the detents you'll never quite know where the right position is for the raised setting (except by trial and error).  So it's worth fixing or replacing.  Hope this helps?  Cheers,
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