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supercharged M117 / M100

Started by 450SLC 5.6 supercharged, 27 October 2007, 08:51 PM

450SLC 5.6 supercharged

hi there i hope its okay if I'm not using a W116 at the moment  but i do own W116 cars to and my 450SLC  is right now my hot ride . and here is picture of my supercharged 6.9           and this is my SLC but with the as you can see  4.5 liter engine 814 hp on alcohol fuel E85 ,   until to day im going to swap to a 560 engine



Yes indeed - WOW!!!!!!

I cannot see the picture of the 116 as it requires a login.

Welcome to the forum - you may have some things to teach us.


450SLC 5.6 supercharged

here is some really need for fuel  using two bosch 044 fuelpump and set of 8   96lb / 1000cc injectors to feed this thing

450SLC 5.6 supercharged

thanks guys alot and well maby i can tell you something you wanna know ore so .   but   this link to the forum  i try to fix it and there you can see my 6.9 with Autorotor426   twinscrew supercharger  .


supercharging must be all custom work?
what work has been done to the motor on the 6.9?
customer pistons etc?

what sort of output are you getting on your 6.9?


Attention: SELfor50

Cam, this looks like the solution you've been looking for the power problem in your silver racer!

Hope all went well today mate, can't wait to see the vids/pictures.

450SEL 6.9 #5440 = V MB 690 , 450SE # 43094 = 02010 H , 190E/turbo # 31548 = AOH 68K

450SLC 5.6 supercharged

i dint put the 6.9 on a dyno  but i used stock engine and boosted 16PSI right in to it and used alcohol/methanol water injection so i guess it maby did 500-550 HP it turned the weels on 4th gear on the street  like a fat burn out on dry road . but the SLC i did a few hard pulls and the dyno showed 814hk /1175nm 1,9bar 5500rpm . and here is my best ET at the dragstrip 402 m: 10.28 s 201 m: 6.99 s
402 m finalspeed: 236.80 km/h  and  201 m finalspeed: 190.00 km/h


i think we better send you to a psychiatrist...that is crazy,but definitely in a good way!!

did you have to do much to your differentials or driveline?  i would have though with all that power, you would blow these things up!

nice work !
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Are you looking to addopt a son from Australia ?

450SLC 5.6 supercharged

lol  i know  my dad use to tell me like im quit as the father roll  and sign under the paper tp  but here is another madness have a look at this M100    

i did send the pictures first to benzworld before i joined the swedish forum and the copied all pics to the forum in sweden  so i did the same here now  i made all this by my self SLC and 6.9  its the only way  you can just forget to buy shit like this   no way  its to bad frankly  but what else to do .

450SLC 5.6 supercharged

and SLC is rather drivebel as long as you dont push it when the boost come on around 4k -6800rpm   then the hell brake loos i can just tell its like driving on snow i did burned out in speeds like 170 km/h  around 100mph i think . id never ever would believe if he ore she told me  like  oh man i can do a burnout in allmost 180kmh i wolud say okay im jesus mother  to  . lol but there is possible i know  but just easy and normal  its no problem .and the drive line well i did some mods at the tranny like better steelshims inside each clutch and another modulator valves and springs is stiffer and even the governor it calles and the turbine is reinforced to  the flexible joint is no longer there on the drive shaft   but there is a ball unit welded to the flange like a drive shaft unit . and the engine suspension  and tranny rear suspension is made of delrin its plastic  nylon material and so on .


burnouts over 100MPH?!?!!?  ;D

how long do your tyres last at that speed?

what sort of cost would you say to supercharge a 6.9?

I've heard twin turbos run into about $25k USD

but supercharging would be so much more usable

450SLC 5.6 supercharged

lol ha ha  i know its tot fucked up after a few powerful burn outs , and thats not funny at all first time i was nearly going in the woods becourse  who would expect something like that in allmost 100mph ?  oh boy not me anyway . so this is something i not whant to happend on the public road again . but i can tell  supercharging  is the best thing to use here full respons  andthe SOUND man oh boy so i allso remove the old K-jet  to and doing a new full installation by useing  engine management system like Autronic SM4 with CDIR500 ingnition   distributorless  direct fire  ignition and that is a must have to get things going well .


Hi, can you pls put up dyno charts of these power-runs... I really want to believe these large numbers that the cars are generating, but I've had a lot to do with japanese and australian performance cars, and while sometimes they do make those sorts of figures, engine longevity generally suffers, or drivability/under bonnet temps become a problem. 

On other forums that I'm a member of, virtually no one makes power claims without the dyno chart to back it up, mainly because different brands of dynos (believe it or not) yeild differing results.  In Australia we use Dyno Dynamics dynomometers for consistency.

I thoroughly impressed with the look of the installations nonetheless.

450SEL 6.9 #5440 = V MB 690 , 450SE # 43094 = 02010 H , 190E/turbo # 31548 = AOH 68K