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Sunroof question

Started by teliks, 20 June 2005, 12:44 PM


I'm having problems with the sunroof on my 77' 450sel. The motor works, the sunroof manually moves, but the drive gear in the assembly isn't catching the cable. I've seen posts about stripped gears and i want to check that, but i can't seem to remove the assembly from my trunk (boot). All of the mounting screws have been removed, but the whole unit is being held in place by the drive cable tube. Is there a method for removing the drive cable in order to get access to the gear box? Is there another forum or board where this problem has been addressed? Any help here would be great!



Out of curiosity, how are you sure that the drive gear in the assembly isn't catching the cable? My sunroof had the problem of not closing even though I could hear the motor work and pull/push the roof closed. My situation turned out to be dirty internal parts from previous mechanics using the wrong grease. After being dismantled, cleaned and re-greased, the roof opens and closes perfectly.
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well... i don't think it's catching because while the motor turns, there is no movement i can discern in the gear box. The motor is connected to the shaft on the gear box and turns freely without any observed stress on any parts when i use the switch. And I know that the drive cable is threaded to the sunroof assembly because the manual crank opens and closes it fine. Because of all of this it was my thought that the gear itself may be stripped or broken. I just can't get the assembly off to verify it.


Thanks for the responses. I'll try and remove the tube clips with the assembly in place. Hopefully it won't require significant yoga skills to do it. I'm surprised it's in such a hard to manage location.