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Steering wheel push/pull play

Started by JP, 20 June 2024, 11:38 AM


Dear all, hope everyone's doing great, want to pick your brains here with something that is driving me a bit crazy. About a week ago I started getting a very slight (2 mm or so) push/pull play on my 280S steering wheel, which became evident while driving over gravel. Changed the steering coupler which was long due but the play is still there. While driving over proper pavement I don't get any feedback but I can still pull out the steering wheel and feel the movement. Lateral play of my steering box is not bad at all. I pulled off the steering wheel and found out that the copper washer below the nut is a bit bent, changed it for a new one and play is still there. Finally, with the steering wheel out, I pulled and pushed the steering column and the play is perceivable there too. I am out of ideas here, if for any reason one of you has experienced something similar, your comments are as always very much appreciated. The only lead I can think of is the steering damper (shock), but not sure.

For context, I changed front shocks about 4,000 miles ago (Bilsteins), steering box fluid and filter about 3,000 miles ago.

Have a great day, cheers!


ps. steering is centered and wheel alignment is right at speed.


There is something dodgy about the steering wheel shaft itself.........possibly to do with the collision crumple feature.