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Steering wheel compatability

Started by Peter Anderson, 03 November 2005, 08:47 AM

Peter Anderson

Quick question - would a non-airbag steering wheel from a Mercedes 190 fit my W116? They look very similar but are leather bound.

Also does anyone know of any wooden gear shifters that are a straight swap for the rubbish plastic item that comes as stock?

Peter Anderson

Thanks for that Styria - that's saved me from 5 pounds expenditure! Are there any leather bound wheels for other models that look similar and are compatible?

I will have a shop around for the gear knob.

There are some great accessories aren't there. I fancy a nice umbrella for the boot (well I do live in England!). The latest copy of the Mercedes-Benz Club magazine ?The Gazette? has a feature on that Mercedes bike ? great looking, but you still have to peddle it yourself!


Speaking of steering wheels, does anyone have a 380mm steering wheel they are currently using or have used? I may replace my original wheel with one slightly smaller than stock and would like opinions on how it impacts on viewing the dashboard? I understand that some of the dials may be obscured but by how much?
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Have a look at this site - go to "accessories" and then steering wheels (or gear shifters) and these guys will even redo your 116 wheel in wood / leather!
sigh....sitting back contemplating the next purchase..!