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Steering damper orientation

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Hi guys

I think this is likely in the "brain fart" category, but I have often thought if there is a "right" way for the steering damper to be fitted?  I looked on other sites and on the OE part it actually says "Rahmenseite" with an arrow, thus this side should be connected to the frame then.  Thus the thicker side of the unit bolts onto the frame, and the thinner side goes to the drag link.

Do you guys think this really makes a difference to the performance, or is this again just typical German OCD kicking in ::)

Attached is a pic on a W126, and this is RHD, but you should "get the picture" 8)


IMO it should make no difference, but both my W116 and the two W124s have it mounted  the same way as in your pic. I think it's even the same part number.

as usual EPC shows how to mount it:


--- Quote from: tcj on 14 July 2021, 12:28 PM ---as usual EPC shows how to mount it:

--- End quote ---

This is opposite of how it shows in my pic though and not how the arrow in pic on the part itself is showing to mount it.

curious, workshop manual shows this:


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