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Steering coupler problem

Started by 1980sdga, 10 April 2011, 05:46 PM


I pulled the steering coupler off today to repair the rubber bushings and when re installing it I CANNOT get the shaft from the steering wheel to telescope back into position so the bolts line up in the slots in the steering box and steering wheel shaft. 

I removed the boot down by the pedals and had a friend lift up on the wheel to slide the coupler off and I'm not sure if the shaft telescoped or not.  I put it back together but the shafts aren't engaged in the coupler far enough for the bolts to fit in the slots.

Not very safe  :o  If it fails it will be a big OH SH!T  :o

Any advise?  It sure did help the steering out a bunch but if it kills me it'll all be for naught...


from what you have written , i understand that you obviously levered the telescopic shaft up to remove coupler.Another way would have to been to remove steering wheel,stalk,unbolt 4 hex bolts & lift shaft up.
However if the issue is trying to get shaft back down, the way i found worked well is to just fix the coupler to the steering shaft with thru bolt and tighten up....and just sit it partially on the steering box spline  then tap the coupler from above with a very heavy short stubby mash hammer, you dont have much room to move but it can be done and the steering shaft will slide down a few mm with each tap. The steering shaft is a tight sliding fit but will respond to this method.A small block of wood to dull impact on coupler is a good idea, however coupler is a forged piece of iron that can handle a decent tap.
good luck.



That's exactly my problem.  I'll try your method as soon as I get a chance.

Now that I think about it I must have bumped the steering shaft up towards the wheel.  I had to use a brass hammer for some tapping.


attach the coupling properly to the bottom of the shaft and get a long bar or a piece of timber with a notch cut out of the end and see if you can lever it back down/out.