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Spheres: Febi vs. OEM

Started by BCK1963, 13 September 2023, 02:48 AM



on the occasion of a different discussion about the new MB original spheres being available again:

Appr. 2 years ago I replaced the spheres on my car with Febi 03279 in front and 03278 in rear.
As far as I rememeber the color code and the load indication of the rear ones was not exactly the same as on the spheres that I replaced but the load difference appeared negligible. I presumed that the sheres on the car were still the originals since I didn't find any records of a previous replacement. (Can they last that long? When I switched them they still were far from being hard).
I am thinking of buying a set of spares from Febi as they cost less than half the MB parts.
Can anyone confirm that the Febi specs are the same as the OEM parts or different?

    Thanks     Bernd

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The FEBI accumulators are nitrogen pre-charged to 75 bar (front) or 57 bar (rear).

I suspect that both the Febi and MB spheres are the same part, made by Corteco. That's the case with W124 SLS spheres.
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Sadly Corteco quality has also taken a big dump over the years :'(
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