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Sourcing or repairing a hood release cable?

Started by HoundFables, 30 November 2023, 08:34 PM


Hey guys!

I'm new to the classic Mercedes/W116 community, although I've been wanting a classic diesel 'Benz for well over a decade now. I figured I was finally ready for a "project" car, and ended up buying a 1980 300SD that is in not-so-great condition as sort of a mechanical and stylistic challenge.

My first priority is getting the thing running okay, along with getting all of the various bits functioning in as much a non-annoying way as reasonably possible. The hood release cable was broken when I got it--the handle is broken off, along with the brass cable pull piece that should be attached to the hood release cable. The handle seems like not a big deal to source, but the cable seems like another story.

I've been trying to source this part, but it seems difficult to find online. Has anyone removed the steel cable from the plastic sheeth and replaced it, for instance? Or welded the cable back together?

I suppose my my other avenue would be a local junk yard--if they even have such a specific vehicle in stock.

I did find the part here, but it's a little pricey, assuming the order even goes through:

I also found it here, but I am reluctant to consider this business for various reasons:

Anyways. I've got my work cut out for me with this car. I'm sure I'll be around! Hah.


Ive had many dealings with Pelican Parts and always found them to be a very solid supplier.  No hassles. I once got an NOS part that was no good (probably too old and so material degradation).  They instantly replaced it with no drama and new part was perfect.  Good luck and cheers,
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I just ordered 2 of these from vannessa.  I have to go to PO tomorrow and pick them up.  They have been good to work with ordering it.

The cable is avail from MB for @$115. Just the Grommet is @$55  :o

Buying directly from the Classic Center is always lower prices than pelican and most general retailers. Shipping is usually much less also.

I'd sell you the 2nd one I ordered if interested.  I bought2 just to dilute the shipping charge.

When ordering MB parts always use this to see if it is even available.  Most retailers offer lots of parts that are NLA on their sites and cancel the order later.,%20manual
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Thanks for the replies, guys. Rumb, how much did you end up paying for shipping on that cable? How much would you let the second one go for?


These pop up on ebay from time to time for not too much $.
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I actually decided to give the one from VanessAuto a try. Hopefully my luck is as good as Rumb's, lol.


Just wanted to update everybody on the VanessAuto hood release cable. I was able to make the cable work, but it wasn't a perfect match. I ended up shortening the spring near the hood latch because it was significantly longer than the original, and I haven't bothered trying to get the grommet into the firewall yet. It does look different than the original.

Overall, I'm happy that I am able to close my hood and that it didn't cost me a fortune!


Fit that grommet in quick order if you drive in the rain or before you wash the car.  Otherwise water will pour in under the floor sound deadening mats. 
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