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Somebody stop me! Just bought a 6.9...

Started by raftel, 22 January 2006, 10:44 AM


So, here I am, contentedly puttering along with a very nice 1978 450SEL that I just purchased in November when I get a call from a work colleague.  He has just accepted a new position, and needs to move - do I want his 6.9?  "Name your price"...

So we come to agreement, and I am now the owner of a 1978 6.9, dark blue with a parchment interior.  It is in fine shape but for an oil leak that appears to come from the oil lines coming off the bottom of the engine.  I got two thick manila folders stuffed with history.

While inspecting the car, I wanted to get it on jacks to crawl underneath.  With my limited knowledge of 6.9s, I pulled the plunger on the dash, thinking it was supposed to lock the suspension for this purpose.  I completed my inspection, and when I lowered the car it sank completely down.  After running the engine for a minute, it was back up to level.  What procedures am I supposed to do before raising the car?

I'm sure I'll have more to bring up as I go through the car.  Meanwhile, can anyone offer a good home to a 450SEL?  I am located in the USA - Virginia.




Quote from: raftel on 22 January 2006, 10:44 AMMeanwhile, can anyone offer a good home to a 450SEL?  I am located in the USA - Virginia.



Hi Raftel,

I'm in Virginia too and would love to take you up on the good home to a 450SEL. Unfortunately, I had to promise the wife I wouldn't bring home any more cars. I was in the proverbial "doghouse" for 3 days after I brought home the 300SD. :(

Good luck with the 6.9! I remember riding in one years ago and being very impressed.



I understand completely.  My wife is not amused, but she understands the circumstances, so I won't have to live in the 6.9.  But I do need to find a good home for the 450, and my wife is enough of an enthusiast herself that she would prefer I sell it on to another enthusiast rather than ebay it off.

I've posted many photos to the gallery.  They aren't too big (~100KB), but do give an idea of what I have.  The essentials look pretty good, but I'm sure it is be an ongoing project.

By the way, that oil leak is pretty bad.  When I get to it, I'll hose off the lower end of the engine and try to pinpoint it, right now oil is everywhere.