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Shocks should be in tomorrow plus list of fixes.

Started by 1980sdga, 02 May 2011, 10:28 PM


Too bad I have to work the rest of the week  :(

I also have new tie-rod ends and a tie rod sleeve on order (Mine was bent on the passenger side :-[)  My alignment tech couldn't get the camber 100% until we replaced it.

I'm excited about getting the alignment back to spec and getting the shocks on!  It actually drives excellent now so I'm not expecting anything dramatic...

So far I've:

Oil change.
Replaced rear sway bar end links. (The old ones weren't connected and the plastic was broken)
New tires.
Alignment (As good as he could get it for now)
Fixed instrument lights (New bulbs, jumped potentiometer)
Got tach working (Cig. butt FTW ;D)
New temp sending unit. (This fixed temp gauge)
Got the seat sliders working. (The seat was too far forward. Just gunked up)
Fixed the windshield washer. (I just took it apart and freed the pump by hand. Gunked up as well)

Immediate plans:

Get tie rod parts installed and get alignment.
Install Shocks.
New voltage regulator. (I'll probably just pick one up in case the old one goes out.)

Near future plans:

New hoses.
Adjust Valves.
Change trans filter/fluid.
Check diff fluid.
Lube axles. (Looking into how to do this)
Maybe diesel purge? (It runs fine now...)
Fix ACC properly.
Get the steering wheel leather wrapped.  (Steering wheel "feel" is really important to me  ::)

I'm sure something else will crop up and wreck these plans  ;D  Always does...