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Sagging Doors: Focus on Hinge Play First?

Started by 90077merc, 04 September 2022, 12:54 AM


I'm having the same trouble so many people have had here with doors not closing properly. I noticed that my strikers are off.

You can determine this by looking from the inside of the car and seeing that the center of the conical insert is not centered in the striker when the door is closed.

When I had the door open and I lifted it up a little bit I noticed that there was play in the hinge, and also that the door did not line up with the rear door right before it closed.

How difficult is it in terms of labor and parts availability to replace the door hinge pins?
1974 450 SEL


New hinges are a bit hard to find, but good used ones exist. I probably have an extra one if you need it. Technically there are right and left hinges, but they are interchangeable. The pin is NEVER going to fall out.

I think mb sells bushings, but you will never be able to take a hinge apart, it will destroy itself in the process. BTDT

To swap hinges, I would support door with a jack and a board and with the help of another to hold the door still,  swap out one hinge at a time. Definitely not a one man job.
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Replace the whole hinge? I bet that's a way more difficult job than it sounds.

I heard that you can loosen the bolts and move the door up and down slightly. Do you think that's possible?
1974 450 SEL