Author Topic: Rust converting products - whats the best one  (Read 1775 times)


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Rust converting products - whats the best one
« on: 04 March 2008, 04:55 AM »
Hi people,

Yes I know I should properly repair the rusted areas on the 450SE Team116 car by properly cutting them out etc. but humour me on this one...

For decades products have been on the market which convert rust into a hard black organic compound suitable for painting over.  These days there's more brands than ever. 

Can someone give me the name and place to buy a super strong one which works properly 1st time, with 1 application.

(I fixed an RX4 back in the 1990s this way but can't remember the brand of the rust converter... fast forward 10 years and needed to fix rust on an RX7 and bought some crap rust converter from super cheap and it didn't smell strong and didn't work nearly as well as the stuff I used a decade prior.)

Just need a heads-up.

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Re: Rust converting products - whats the best one
« Reply #1 on: 04 March 2008, 05:11 AM »
I have heard that the Galmet one is good, but I have been using the White Knight rust converter/primer/sealer with success, I would hardly call it serious though... good for temporary repairs IMO. There has been a lot of talk about ?POR-15 and such products recently, I would expect them to be a much more serious alternative.

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Re: Rust converting products - whats the best one
« Reply #2 on: 04 March 2008, 09:10 PM »
I can vouch for POR15 being easy to use but it hasn't been on long enough to give you a long term effectiveness report. but having said that there are too many reliable sources that have told me how good it is for me to doubt the product. Costs a lot more than your common hardware store converter but if you value your time and only want to do it once then it is a bargain.
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