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Should a 6.9 be reving at 2500RPM at 100km/hr. Mine does.  I have MB W140 S Class 16 inch rims with 225/55 16 tyres which is purpotedly within .4% of original wheel tyre combo.

I am a little confused by your post. Are you saying your 116 has 140 rims? If so, do they rub at all as I would expect with the much higher offset?

Other than that, I need to leave the answer to your question to someone with a 6.9. For comparison, from memory, my 450 revs a little higher at 100km/h.

Have a look under the Gallery, Showroom; its teh silver 6.9 and rims are shown.  Maybe they arent W140 - I just saw some on a W140 the other day and assumed they were standard on that model.  They fit perfectly!

aussie 6.9:
My 6.9 shows 100ks at 2500rpm but i have seen articles that indicate gearing of 44ks per 1000rpm. Any body else got ideas?

No tram lining - handles and rides very well!


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