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Roadworthy certificate. Failed.
« on: 05 June 2021, 06:01 PM »
Hi All, I recently took my 280SE to a local mechanics to get a roadworthy certificate so I can get "special interest" registration, which is a third of the cost of standard reg here in Tasmania and you can drive them up to 2 times a week while keeping a log book. The car failed the check as two of the braided fuel connectors around the fuel pump to the accumulator had very slight deterioration on the the outer layer of the rubberised hose. These are the short "Banjo" type one and the other one a crimped threaded fitting on one end and just a hose clamp on the other. I could not find these in Australia for love nor money except Mercedes Hobart who quoted me $477 for one! So after an internet search, I managed to get one form Germany and the other from the USA for around $140 AUD total. The German supplier had it delivered in a week and the one from the states took about 14 days. Not bad delivery times during a pandemic with less flights word wide. Anyway, I will fit these in the coming weeks and try for the road worthy certificate again. Everything else was perfect according to the mechanic. It's funny however that I had to show him how to open the bonnet, show him where the engine number and vin number were stamped and that the seat belts release button is at the back!   

1978 280SE Cream with blue interior. With SLS


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Re: Roadworthy certificate. Failed.
« Reply #1 on: 06 June 2021, 03:38 AM »
good luck ,

I just ordered my third set of those hoses in a year for various cars.  the banjo one is not very expensive, but you should start buying parts from the classic centre USA.  genuine and a lot cheaper.  yes you can get OEM parts if you know where, but the CC is very easy to use.  anyway, ideally you would have got the crush washers in each side of the banjo fitting.
good luck with the certificate
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