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Replacing wiper motor.

Started by editjunk, 22 January 2006, 10:16 PM


Thanks to Styria who supplied me with a new motor. (The reason there was no plug on the end is because the plug sits behind the firewall and is a bastard to get to - we just rewired old cable to 'new')

My buddy and I both have W116s and our wiper motors blew out within two days of each other last week in Sydney.

The problem with both the motors was the same: water builds up in the bottom of the motor casing, rusts the swing arm, which drops off and jams, making certain you burn out the motor trying to figure out what's wrong.

We found two things to look out for when replacing the motor -

1. Reseal top and bottom of the wiper motor case with silicone. Sealing the bottom only will ensure you rust out the new motor pretty quickly (by quickly I mean 33 years!)

2. The little plugs used to hold the grill in place cannot be saved, but you can use any small trim plugs. I tried to get original parts - none available.