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Replacing Vacuum Lines

Started by BAR, 09 July 2006, 03:41 AM


I have on a few occasions spoken with Styria about replacing the ageing plastic hoses in the engine bay.  These have the tendancy to get brittle with age and he wasn't able to suggest a source.

Today when looking at the engine of a friend [very much modified Mitsubishi Turbo charged motor 2.4 Ltr and over 400HP - on the old ruler] I noticed that he has miles of Silicone hose of various diametres for cooling, air, vacuum and other pruposes.  Has anyone tried this?

I'd be interested to hear of any sucesses or otherwise.

Generally extruded silicone rubber tubing is ideal for use as:
• Vacuum Lines; Washer Tubing; Coolant Overflow; Wire Insulation; Emission Control
• Standard colours: blue, red, yellow, black

Bore x Wall (mm)
3.0 x 2.0
4.0 x 2.0
5.0 x 2.5
6.0 x 2.5
7.0 x 2.5
8.0 x 3.0
9.0 x 3.0
10.0 x 3.0
In Sydney it can be purchased from Motorsport Connections in Seven Hills - 9838 7272.