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Replacing half shafts

Started by raueda1, 03 March 2022, 11:19 AM


My rubber boots are still intact but have small cracks.  Obviously they won't live forever.  So, I'm considering replacing them.  There's somebody out there that rebuilds them, can't recall who offhand, but that's not the question.  What I want to know it, how bad is this job?  I'm assuming that a lift is mandatory.  Can I do it myself?  Any exotic special tools needed?  Thus far I haven't done any research or searching on the topic at all.  Just looking for any general feedback along the lines of "Yeah, tedious but not bad, go for it," or "bear of a job, you need an NLA hydrostatic decoupler, etc etc."  Thanks in advance and cheers,
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The guys are the go to:
CVJ Axles, Inc.
4101 Brighton Blvd.
Denver, CO  80216
303-297-0650  Fax

I think Robert can vouch for them too, as he is in CO and used them AFAIK.

I don't think it's that hard of a job, but getting them out looks like you need a fair bit of buggering around dropping the diff and such.  Lots of jobbies you need to do "while in there" like for sure the diff side seals.  Also sway bar mounts and the eye - wateringly expensive shackles as well.

You are more than capable Dave, carry on 8)

Now the rear bearings is a whole other kettle of fish, Robert has some feedback on this I'm sure, I think the line "we are not amused" comes to mind, it's apparently a bear of a job.
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I believe it can be done from the other direction.  remove shock and detach inner lower a arm.  That should give you enough room to get the axle out of the carrier.
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