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Relay Code Numbers

Started by koan, 28 August 2007, 05:53 PM


The following list of relays is from a Mercedes-Benz of North America "Electrical Trouble Shooting Manual Passenger Cars 1975-1979".

There are some numbers, 14, 15 etc. not mentioned in the table, some of the descriptions are not very precise but I hope it's of some use.

(Bought the manual off ebay a few years ago)


Since the exact position of relays varies due to manufacturing convenience, the harness leading to each relay is tagged as a means of identifying each relay. The following listing identifies the code numbering system.

Code Number   Function

    1                    Fuel pump
    2                    Cold start valve
    3                    Fuel injection
    4                    A/C starter
    5                    Change-over valve
    6                    Axillary fan
    7                    Seat belt warning system
    8                    Change-over valve with additional fan
    9                    Window regulator
  10                    Window regulator
  11                    Starter terminal 50
  12                    Air conditioning system
  13                    Headlight cleansing equipment
  16                    Headlight flasher
  17                    Carburettor heater
  19                    EGR/ignition advance
  20                    Heater coil choke cover
  21                    Fuel pump relay

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