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Rear seat belts

Started by joshm, 26 April 2010, 07:19 AM


Mine has lap belts in the rear, does that mean I can just add the shoulder parts to C pillar?
Or do I have to buy complete kits and start all over again?
'77 280se


My early 350 has four inertia reel belts fitted, I presume factory as they appear well fitted.   I believe I am correct in saying that the provision of head restraints should ideally correspond with the installation of seat belts. (This appears to be the practice in modern cars anyway). As there are only two head restraints in the back seat of my car I would think twice about having someone sitting in the back seat restrained by a belt and not having a head restraint behind them. I suppose it is 50/50 if you are better/worse to be restrained by a belt for forward motion and not having a head restraint behind for the recoil.
I have searched for belts for another vehicle that I am recommissioning and have not come across any option of
purchasing a diagonal belt to augment a lap belt.
1973 350SE


Here's where the seat belt must go on my car.

I'm assuming that piece can be punched out and a plastic trim inserted?

'77 280se


Here is a picture of a genuine set of rear w116 seat belts and panels I couriered to a forum member in the UK some time ago. 1 of 2 sets I had spare off a donor car.
It shows the 2 inertia belts which mount to and inside the C pillar, and the centre lap/sash.
I've also included the genuine Klippan part number that MB used on the australian models.
Might help you search for a suitable alernative if you cannot find genuine.

Ive also included a photo of the complete set of front and back retractable including the centre rear which I have kept as my spare.  These are the genuine from the 1975 era. 



Found these pictures that might help with positioning of the rear belts.
Taken 15 years ago when I started the "rejuvenation" of my interior.
Picture #4 shows the positioning of the belt retractor in the C pilar


Thanks Mr Kozzy, that's very helpful. I must have missed the green arrow first time I looked.  ;D
'77 280se


Here's some more info on fitting rear seat belts (from post #17-on) (, including the part number for the escutcheon (trim-piece on the C-pillar trim) in post #24.
[URL=]My 1976 350SE W116 in Silbergrün[/URL]