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Radio-amp-antenna problems

Started by EthanH, 10 February 2010, 01:13 AM


Hey guys-
First off, my car is a 1974 450 SEL with the stock Becker AM/FM radio and the Hirschmann power antenna. I had an interesting thing happen on the way home from work the other radio all of a sudden quit working, and at the same time the power antenna kept trying to actuate (up, I imagine, since it didn't go down.)  I ended up having to pull the fuse to get the motor to quit working.  Interestingly, when I put the fuse back in, everything else on the circuit worked and the power antenna didn't do anything.  The radio fuse is fine, and no other fuses blew.  I'm sure the antenna motor is cooked and will need replacing (I pulled it out and it smells like burnt oil), but I'm wondering if the radio and/or amplifier also burned out (which seems to be the case).  Is there any way to check which component went bad? Any thoughts on the cause? The car is an absolute peach, so I'd prefer to keep it totally stock (I'm the second owner and it only has around 100k miles on it), but I'm hesitant to spend a fortune on the sound system.