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Started by Fergus, 03 August 2021, 09:32 AM


Nice one!
Indeed the throttle linkage adjustments make a huge difference to how it shifts.  The control pressure rod is very much in "marriage" with the vacuum modulator to get that nice, crisp Benz shift ;)  Interestingly here in North America a lot of folks were used to softer shifts from US cars of same era.  That lead to many folks mistakenly adjusting the trans to shift like a US car, which is the exact opposite of how it was designed,  Firm and tight is what you want (in more ways than one 8))
1977 450 SEL 6.9 - Astralsilber


Had same issue with my 450 SEL 4.5 rad, changed the lower rad hose 2 times still leaked and gummed it up with sealant no fix :( my rad is new-ish as picked up from bloke new old stock in New Zealand back in 2007.

Took Rad out and went to Ascott Radiators off Oats Street in Perth (this guy is our old rad savior!)

The issue he identified is the lower metal pipe into radiator is sealed onto a flange type fitting whereas the top metal pipe fits into the top rad tank and provides a stronger lasting seal - think pressing a glass onto the palm of your hand using light force, that's the lower connection, now think holding the outside rim of the glass with your thumb and forefinger tightly, that's the top connection seal.

Fix was to remove the lower pipe and bronze weld seal the lower pipe to rad and leak was stopped and garenteed for life, amen.

Good luck

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