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Power steering and steering damper - FANTASTIC difference!

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Jan S:
I replaced the steering damper and flushed the power steering system the other day - what a great difference!!!

The work took about 45 min, and its easy.

The old steering damper was completely "gone", and the old ATF in the power steering reservoir was closer to crude oil (black and dirty) and the level was way too low. I emptied the tank, cleaned it and flushed the entire system with new febi power steering fluid, also with engine running for a few seconds.

Great feeling! Steering is transformed!

Nice, I love easy fixes 8)

When I replaced the steering damper it reduced play in the steering by 50%. Definitely worthwhile.

Jan S:
Agree adamb, and I would go even further - the new damper and flushing of the system have improved the play by 80%  ;)

Guys.....don't get too excited.  Renewing the damper will only dampen the excess play in the steering system making it feel like the excess play is gone.  It won't get rid of the excess play.  Furthermore, this will shorten the life of the damper, too.  So check your steering linkages and gear box for play and remedy those, as well.....because the excess play is still there. 


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